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Love's Labour's Lost

Maria Bjornson Outdoor Theatre

‘Our wooing doth not end like an old play;

Jack hath not Jill: these ladies' courtesy

Might well have made our sport a comedy.’

King Ferdinand and his friends - Dumaine, Longaville, and Berowne - have made a pact: to study rigorously and avoid the company of women for three years. But their vow is challenged by the arrival of the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting, whose presence sparks the beginnings of love. But will the young lovers’ romances endure against all odds? ‘Shakespeare’s most intellectual comedy’ is reimagined against the backdrop of a summer holiday in France, a witty and poignant look at the passionate yet fleeting nature of a summer romance.

Access Information

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible. Arrangements for those hard of hearing are limited.

Wed 21 Jun 2023 7:30pm

£9.00 / £7.00

Tickets not available

Thu 22 Jun 2023 7:30pm

£9.00 / £7.00

Tickets not available

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